How It All Started


In January 2015, the first Aqua S store was established at George Street in Sydney, with the intention to bring the best soft serve ice cream experience to the world. Our beautiful aesthetics, incredible customer experience, and extensive rotation of flavored ice cream keep our customers coming back for more. Since its opening, we have opened 4 stores between Sydney and Melbourne as well as stores in the US, Singapore, China and Cambodia. The four core points of our business model – Franchisees, Suppliers, Employees, and Customers – has set us apart from other soft serve businesses. The corporate team has worked relentlessly to build a successful franchise program and develop close relationships with all of our investors, partners, and franchisees, which has contributed to our rapid growth and progress.

One of a Kind


The idea of “Sea Salt” soft serve came from Okinawa, Japan, with the purpose to master the art of contrast – sweet and creamy with a hint of saltiness. Our brand identity embraces both this unique flavor and the aqua blue color, which are hidden within the “S” of Aqua S.

100+ Flavors & Counting

We believe our products have to be picture-perfect with an even better taste. We combine bright food colors, outrageous toppings, and innovative flavors to create Aqua S soft serve that is unparalleled. Along with the quality of our product, we currently have more than 100 recipe flavors that change bi-monthly that give us a competitive edge in the industry.

The secret to our success lies in the dedicated relationship between Aqua S corporate and our franchisees. Originally intended as a franchise concept, Aqua S has experience in collaborating both with and between franchisees to ensure the success of each store. For example, our corporate team works closely with the franchisees to bring the same, signature Aqua S experience to customers and communities.